We further our mission by accomplishing these objectives:

Spiritual Formation

This is the intentional process undertaken in partnership with the Holy Spirit by which men and women are formed into the character of Christ and learn to live in abiding connection with him. Spiritual Formation transcends programs and methods, but lies at the heart of the intentions of every member of the church. This is not just an individual pursuit but something that we pursue as a community.


We see HOPE as a sending agency from which Christ followers go out into their everyday lives as carriers of the good news of life under the reign of God. For this we must be about sharing our faith as individuals and as a community, presenting a real life picture of what life in the kingdom of God is like.

Missional Living

Our mission to the world is to be an agent of restoration to the various forms of brokenness in people’s lives, and in society in general. So we must actively engage to meet these needs in our community and around the world. But we should not pursue these tasks in isolation from others. As members of the world-wide Church, HOPE partners with other churches and organizations around the world, in prayer, finances and service.


When a person is born again they are born into a family, the family of God. We go from isolated individuals to brothers and sisters, daughters and sons; from not being a “people,” to being the people of God. HOPE is a physical reality of this truth, and through it people can experience the reality of community. Of course, community does not come naturally, and so this is something we have to learn practice, together.


Every week, we gather to celebrate God, what he has done and what he is doing to redeem the world. We gather to remind one another of the great story of God. In these gatherings the works of God are celebrated and remembered, the teachings of Christ are rehearsed and shared, we as the people of God express our love and devotion to God and he in turn speaks to and touches us.