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HOPE Pastor Profile  

After ten years of fruitful ministry Pastor David is being called to pursue other ministry opportunities.  We are sad to see him go, but can see God’s hand in his decision and are looking forward to God’s next step for us as a church.  In light of this, we are…

Seeking a pastor with leadership, teaching, pastoral experience and a record of strong church ministry in accordance with 1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9.  The ideal candidate shall:  

  1. Demonstrated spiritual maturity and ongoing personal relationship with Christ.  Dedicated to personal study and application of the Scriptures.  Exemplary follower of Christ in everyday livingwith a clear call to pastoral ministry in the local church.  Balanced in ministry, family and personal life. 
  1. Skilled Christ-centered teacher/preacher.  Engaging vision caster.  A leadership style characterized by collaboration, service, and approachability.  Compassionate pastoral care for the congregation. Self-motivated, self-starter willing to serve alongside the congregation.
  1. Have experience in leading both self and a congregation in the process of spiritual formation into Christlikeness.  Understand the role and implementation of spiritual disciplines in the life of the disciple.  Be able to formulate and implement spiritual formation plans for both individuals and the church.
  1. Lead the missional formation of the congregation.  Passionate about creative and experimental missional engagement both locally and internationally.  Experience in mentoring and mobilizing people into missional living in their everyday lives.  Willing to collaborate with other churches and organizations.
  1. Extensive experience building community in a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic setting.  Be able to bring unity under Christ among diversity in doctrine, tradition, and political views and navigate the nuance between positions.  Top tier communication skills to cast vision to a diverse congregation.  Ability to communicate in multiple languages a plus.  A peacemaker in times of conflict and differences.  Be able to use a variety of structures such as small groups, ministry teams, missional communities, and virtual tools to build community in the church.
  1. Possess a robust theology of worship and experience implementing it in the life of the congregation and individual.  Understand and appreciate the different worship traditions in the Christian faith and ability to blend them into the regular worship life of the church.  Use the arts and creativity in worship.
  1. A proven track record of servant leadership within a local church organization.  Ability to recruit, train, develop and deploy volunteer leaders from within the congregation.  Experience in managing staff and administration of organizational concerns such as budget, campus, and liabilities.  Able to adapt organizational structures to the evolving need of the mission.  Collaborate well with board and staff to develop strategic plan for church. 
  1. Prepared to approach the demands of a post-COVID world with creativity and positivity.  Willingness to embrace the emerging phygital aspect of church ministry.  A recognition of the trauma and difficulty caused by the COVID pandemic and the compassion to walk alongside affected individuals and families.  Vision for re-engaging members estranged by the pandemic.  Collaborative approach with public health officials in the pandemic recovery efforts. 

 Minimal requirements for consideration: 

  1. M.Div. or M.A.Theology or equivalent
  2. 5 years in local church ministry 

Upload cover letter, resume, and fill out application in link below.